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Trust Fund Assessments & IRS Form 941: Proven Victory Tactics

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July 11th, 2023

Dealing with payroll taxes can be a challenging endeavor for businesses, especially in relation to IRS Form 941. If your business is having difficulties with IRS Form 941 and trust fund assessments, read our blog article about how tax experts Capstone Tax Consulting, Inc. can help you.

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IRS Offer in Compromise: Everything You Need To Know

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June 16th, 2023

An IRS offer in compromise is an agreement you can make with the IRS that greatly reduces your tax liability. Since the IRS rejects most of the offers it receives though, it pays to be as informed as possible about how this works, and to partner up with tax professionals such as Capstone Tax Consulting. Read this article to learn more!

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1099 vs W-2: Differences Explained (2023)

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May 18th, 2023

You need to get a job done, but you’re not sure how to choose between a 1099 and a W-2? Fear not! Capstone Tax Consulting is here to help you understand the differences between a 1099 worker and a W-2 employee. Read on to find out!

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Unlock 5 Powerful Strategies to Slash your 2023 Taxes

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May 5th, 2023

As a small business owner, taxes can be a significant expense that can impact your bottom line. However, there are many strategies you can use to reduce your tax liability that you may not be aware of. At Capstone Tax Consulting, we specialize in helping small business owners reduce their tax bills. In this blog post, we'll share some potentially unknown tips that can help you lower your tax liability.

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