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Capstone Tax Consulting, Inc. is a Top-Rated Tax Firm in Arvada, CO

We are a complete, fully equipped tax firm, of enrolled agents and lawyers specializing in tax, with an emphasis on IRS and State Collection Division negotiation. We represent individuals, small- to mid-sized companies, and organizations.

At Capstone Tax Consulting, Inc., our focus is on providing superior, client-oriented, effective, result-driven tax services.

Every Capstone client relationship starts with a free consultation so we may completely understand your situation and diagnose how we can be of service. Often times, specifying how you ended up in this situation properly, can save you thousands in penalties alone.

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Our mission is to provide superior, client-oriented, effective, result-driven tax services at affordable prices.

Our Areas of Expertise Include:

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"Incredible attention to detail. Danny and his tax team, best representation ever. Excellent tax resolution firm, very caring and professional staff. I definitely recommend Capstone Tax Consulting, Inc. to anyone in search of reputable back tax representation."

- Bernard M.


"Capstone Tax Consulting, Inc.'s lawyers were relentless in getting me a fair settlement for my IRS case. Other tax firms didn't even want to take my case, but they stuck with me and got me what I needed. Would recommend Chase and his team!"

- Laurie B.


"Capstone Tax Consulting, Inc. provided me with free consultation, Brian and Travis convinced me a settlement was the best course of action. I am so glad I listened! I was able to secure the reduction I needed to keep my business in operation."

- Steven K.


"Robbie, Nancy, Dave, I cannot thank you guys enough. Literally feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Capstone was able to secure us a $8700.00 settlement. Thank you for being so professional and responsive during this time. I have my life back."

- Cinthia M.
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Reputable Image logo Logo ADP Logo Bench integration CoSEA logo BBB Ethics Awards Finalist National Association of Enrolled Agents


"Monique and her team is fantastic. Very service oriented and communicate with kindness. I am very happy with this company."
— Min S.
"We are very happy with the way they are dealing with our business, highly recommended."
— Margo L.
"One of the best in the business without a doubt. Communication is Nothing short of excellent"
—  James T.
"Capstone quite literally saved me from years of harrassment from the IRS. My penalties were insurmountable. They were so very professional and caring. They performed even better than promised. Years ago I hired another company who took my money and ran. They did absolutely NOTHING. They are still in business so beware. I even reported them to the state attorney general and there response took 11 months and the company lied. You can trust Capstone with great confidence!"
— Laura F.
"This company is everything you need to defend yourself against the IRS. They are "connected", compassionate and most of all very successfully defend their clients. I have been ripped off by 2 prior firms that did nothing but put me in peril to the IRS. It is a small firm with lots of reach. You will receive personalized attention by a very professional and cutting edge team . You can trust them . I was in dire straits and they literally, and compassionately took me through a traumatic time with the IRS who had hounded me relentlessly."
— Laura F.
"They're help me with my problem. I owned a lot. I paid 2500 it was finished. Plus there helped with scrambling people. People trying act tax working. Wow they out there."
—  Victor F.
"They help solve tax issues well and help coordinate communication so you aren't stuck on the phone tag, or stuck searching for forms."
— Sanjay R.
"After years of watching a company that I built from the ground up slip away because of two unskilled and devious accountants, I finally agreed to accept the assistance of Mark and Todd at Capstone...BEST DECISION EVER! Although the situation I found myself in itself was a very painful experience, Mark and Todd were patient, professional, competent and worked diligently to get the outcome needed. They successfully negotiated my debt of $277,000 down to $1,050!!! I couldn’t be more grateful and you couldn’t find a better firm to represent you in your darkest hour! I can now begin to rebuild and start all over again. I would not wish this situation I found myself in on anyone, I wouldn’t be where I am at this moment without Capstone!"
— Vickie K.
"They actually do what they promise... unlike others"
— Tom U.
"Very thorough. Excellent advice."
— Ed S.
"I was reluctant to use any so called Tax Resolution Specialist, but after doing some research, I chose Capstone (still w/ some apprehension). But my fears were allayed as we went through the process. They were very responsive, both in e-mail and voice calls. I was given reports each time they spoke w/ the IRS on my behalf (under POA), and in the end, my representing attorney, Cameron Winslet, finally informed me that they had successfully negotiated a long-term repayment plan, that was actually better than I had hoped for - as well as helping me get it all set up with the IRS thru their system, via auto -draft etc. In the beginning, I was led to believe that penalty abatement would also be an integral part of the fee I paid, but it wasn't. However, I do believe it follows the technical limits of their contract, and overall, I believe the amount of time spent on my case, was in line with my fee - in some measure, maybe generous. I would recommend Capstone to anyone unable to pay an independent tax attorney, as I was. They did a great job, and were highly professional."
— Rick R.
"So far so good...In the process of assisting with some issues from previously bad choices of tax services. Capstone has provides friendly and informative customer service with updates. 4 star rating due only because process isn't complete. I would recommend."
— Franklin G.
"I was at the end of my road with resolving my tax issues until capstone came along, at first I was hesitant to get on board, but after a few days i decided why not. At first it all seemed overwhelming, but with the guidance of professional staff members at capstone tax everything fell into place. Initially there was a lot of leg work on my part to get them the information they needed, so glad I constantly had there reassurance, always a phone call away to answer questions or point me in the right direction. When i wasn't calling them, they were calling me to make sure I wasn't slacking on my part. Once I got them the information things progressed each day it seemed like, a ton was lifted off my shoulders from the start, though it was a lengthy process, in the end the risk was definitely worth the reward. I cant thank them enough for the encouragement and professionalism all the way through. Don't waste another day worrying yourself, the people at capstone will see you through! Be prepared to do your part, and they will walk you through every step. 6 years I worried and thought it would never end, Thanks to them, its all in the past! Thank You to the great folks at Capstone Tax! You'll never know how much I appreciate everything you did for me!"
— Joey B.
"Mark is excellent to work with. Organized, honest, upfront, and clear. I would definitely recommend Capstone Tax consulting."
— Rex M.
"Had major tax issues thought there was no hope spoke with Chase he explained my options and his tax team has been in control since. We finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks capstone."
— Jas L.
"I would like to thank Mark and Stephanie at Capstone for the most wonderful work they have done for me on my tax problems, I highly recommend this company for any problems with tax issues.. They seriously can help."
— Maher H.
"Stephanie and Mark went above and beyond our expectations and significantly lowered our tax bill. Capstone exhibited strong communication skills with excellent follow up. We would highly recommend them to any client that has a significant tax issue. They guided us in each and every step in this process. They really show in action how much they care about their customers."
— Susan P.
"Capstone Tax Consulting, Inc. is a wonderful group to work with and has helped us with some problems we had. They take care of every issue that arises immediately and are very professional and personally know who we are and what our situation is when we contact them. They get back to us immediately. Charlotte Cowie-Bosner was at a different firm a few years ago and moved to Capstone Tax Consulting, Inc. After Charlotte left the previous company was not meeting our needs and caused us to have problems again. It took us a little while to find what group Charlotte had moved to and as soon as we did, we changed to Capstone and fired the previous company. Charlotte and Stephanie Naylor are wonderful to work with."
— Linda H.
"They worked With me and so far so good!"
— Jimmie J.
"Brian is patient, responsive and extremely helpful! He makes you feel comfortable and understood when explaining your sensitive information. Is REALLY down to Earth, and a “teach a man how to fish” kinda guy, so you don’t repeat the same mistakes again. I appreciate all the help he’s given me and I look forward to working with him more in the future."
— Candace M.
"CONFIDENCE, TRUST, COMPASSION! That describes my feeling after my first conversation with Chase Richards at Capstone Tax Consulting. Dealing with Tax issues is a very stressful process and after reviewing the company beforehand and an extensive conversation with Chase, we made the decision to sign with Capstone. We have been more than satisfied with the response time to calls and questions. He even returned a call just from seeing my number show up in the system to make see if I needed anything. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"
— Valley H.
"Very fast at contacting and getting the IRS to cease any negative actions."
— Donyae L.
"Courteous, and friendly staff."
— Monica B.
"John S. Was very helpful. Very professional."
— Lisha L.
"John Schweiger called about the taxes I owe. He was very nice and helpful. talked to me and i ended up not owning enough to hire someone. So he gave you free advice on how to solve on my own. Great customer service and help!"
— Beth M.
"It’s going good so far, we haven’t wrapped our case yet, however, I’m optimistic that we will get a fair result."
— Erica B.
"Great folks fast tax services!"
— Justin R.
"Corey was very responsive and answered all of our questions. So far we are very pleased with his follow up and his plan of action. I will update with more details once I have more detailed information to share. And a shout out to Leigh for being so patient and understanding!"
— Mike M.
"So very happy with the excellent service and knowledge provided during this stressful process. I highly recommend Capstone Tax and cannot thank you guys enough. Literally feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I had a very large personal assessment from a Home Health Care business that I closed down. It was bad enough that I had to close, but over a million was placed on me and my husband personally (and he was not part of the business). Capstone was able to secure us a 87k settlement. I thank you Danny and they rest of the team for working with us and being so professional and responsive during this time. Our CPA thanks you. My husband most certainly thanks you. We have our life back."
— Cinthia M.
"Local and easy to work with. I called to get help negotiating my tax debt and was given multiple options at different price points with varying degrees of work on my end. I had a very thorough consultation, in the end I felt confident about the decision I made. I was impressed by the direction given, it seemed more as if I was speaking to some one I knew, no pushy sales tactics or urgency for me to write a check. This is the type of company I am glad to business with."
— Phil L.
"Chase Richards is an amazing person and if you want or need help you should definitely listen carefully to what he says as he has your best interest at heart! We had previously worked with another firm but we are really really really glad that we are with capstone now."
— Carlos O.
"Professional and attentive. Highly recommend Travis Willeford’s services 👌🏼"
— Ali Z.
"They are Not pushy at all, I’ve spoken with them 3 times, I have not decided how I will handle my situation but if I decide to use a professional, it definitely will be them. I spoke with Brian Farrell last night for 45 minutes, he’s unbelievable, even though I wasn’t ready to pull the trigger, he just kept on answering all my questions and gave me lots of choices and advice, Thank You 🙏 Brian"
— Sam H.
"I was very hesitant to secure the aid of services like Capstone for my complicated and substantial tax issues. Most of the feed back I received was that these services were more concerned about squeezing money out of their clients than securing the best possible solution. None of this has applied to Capstone. My team has been very responsive and communicative (even and especially with my "panic" calls). They have been true to our financial agreement and have left no stone unturned in procuring the best possible solution(s) for me and my wife. They listen with compassion and respond with deference. Very professional, with kindness. Five stars is most certainly deserved for Capstone Tax Consulting."
— Kevin T.
"They’re knowledgeable and capable of helping you. The IRS can be a bit difficult to deal with and sometimes unwilling to help you but Capstone Tax Consulting can take that weigh of your shoulders and get your debt down. Brian is very helpful but he’s backed by a great team that can also help you. I recommend!"
— Jeam R.
"Let me first start with the fact that I am a CPA. I prepare taxes and do bookkeeping. Often, my clients will ask me to speak with other tax professionals they are considering doing business with. Every single time, the person on the other end of the phone is full of you know what. Danny though, this guy was sharp, I tried to back him into corners, he knows his stuff. He determined my clients didn’t need to hire anyone at all, gave them some pointers on how to easily handle it themselves. These clients didn’t need him and his firm, but moving forward he is the only person I will ever recommend to my clients. If you determine you need help, call Capstone Tax Consulting, Inc. for all your tax resolution needs."
— Dancin P.
"Hell of a Team."
— DM
"I understand everything so clearly now. TY"
— Mike
"John Schweiger was very helpful and knowledgeable about my tax situation. He helped put me at ease. Huge and grateful thank you to John and the Capstone team! These guys are the Real Deal Holyfield." 
— Mikey
"Capstone Tax is the best in the business!!! Brian is the man!!!"
— Lisa Ford
"If you want some to shoot you straight, ask for a consultation from Brian F."
— Ryan Carlile
"Chase really knows his stuff! Just listen to these Guy’s."
— Devon R.
"I recently got a call from Capstone tax, John called me about an issue that I had with my taxes. He helped me out was very patient and through. They are definitely the best in the business at negotiating with the IRS"
— Kevin Castaneda
"Thanks to John and his team I was able to get from under the governments thumb and get a little breathing room …. Thanks guys … super professional and I owe y’all one."
— Jeff Derbes
"This firm is the real deal!"
— Robert Bobo
"We are appreciative of all the help we have gotten from Capstone. Everyone has been friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Someone is always available to help you and answer questions. You are kept informed of your situation and encouraged that things will be settled in the best possible way for you. We have been very grateful for the help we have gotten."
— Karen Nelson
"Very knowledgeable firm would recommend"
— Uriah Huitt
"Love this firm! Mr. Danny Monroe knows so much about different Tax matter's between multiple States."
— Mandi Calkins
"Jarrett made everything so clear!"
— Justin Stalcup
"Finding a company you can trust that is in the business that Capstone is in is very difficult. There are a zillion companies that will take money you don't have in the first place and leave you with no results, no returned calls or emails, nothing. You simply cannot deal with the IRS directly. I've tried it, they can be wrong, they can lie, things change, it's tough. So you have to find a reputable company to work and fight for your rights. Capstone has a great BBB rating and I totally agree with it after my experience. They always returned calls and emails and were PROACTIVE. We learned of our problem with very little time to search for a company we could feel comfortable with. We signed with Capstone, giving them a short time to put a stop to the process while they got all our details together. They readily achieved that. The fellow we worked with was responsive in this phase and we received the initial/temporary result we needed. BUT (and you & they may be surprised that I include this so be sure to read the WHOLE review), he DID NOT get us the relief we expected from our initial conversation. We were happy with the initial result but disappointed in the long-term state it left us. A few weeks later we called to discuss 'fixing' this. The fellow we had been working with was no longer there (not a problem, we didn't want to work with him). We needed Capstone to fix the problem as we had paid them for that level of service. We got a new account manager who looked at our case and where they had 'left' us and immediately saw what had not happened, explained what she would be doing, got to work on it immeiately, and spent several weeks constantly working back and forth with us to get the result we had initially hoped for/expected. Getting results says a lot about the professionalism and experience of a company and that is very important. Not only dealing with our dissatisfaction after the initial settlement, but doing it with energy and true concern for us, says more about their character. You can find a lot of companies that can add 1+1 and get 2. However, everyone can make a mistake and I want to be working with a company that can look at what they/their people did, see it could have been better, and then worked hard to 'fix it'. I cannot recommend Capstone higher.
— David Hart
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